Inspired to Write Again

I was inspired when I attended “Poetry in the Round” at Barnes & Noble in Marlton last Monday. The featured poet was Kelly Ramsdell, author of “At the Boardwalk” a children’s picture book published in 2012. We met in 2004 as members of a now defunct writers’ group.

Kelly is a fabulous writer and I was inspired by the poems she read. At the event, open mic followed Kelly’s readings. Anyone willing to read their stuff to the group was encouraged to get up. The readings ranged from funny to morbid, from very good to… well… not as good. Although, who am I to critique them? What do I really know about poetry? Not much. I’ll be the first to admit it.

So, just how inspired was I that night? I was so inspired that I came home and wrote my first poem in years. However, since I know next to nothing about poetry forms, I’m not sure if it’s a real poem or just a piece of thoughtful prose. I’m not inspired enough to read it aloud at the next “Poetry in the Round” but maybe, if I attend on October 21, I’ll take it with me. Just in case… in case I get even more inspired.


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