Writing Wednesday: Different Types of Writing

I feel as though I haven’t been writing much lately. Last week I wrote a poem. That’s the extent of my writing for the week.

Or is it?

This is my fourth blog post since last Wednesday. I wrote about Chakras, my jewelry, and grilling vegetables. That’s writing.

I wrote a few personal journal entries.

I wrote at least four To-do Lists. (None of which were completed)

I re-wrote and updated my shop introduction and descriptions for several of my jewelry items.

I wrote a list of at least 25 tweets about chakras, gemstones, and my jewelry to post this week.

I wrote emails and facebook posts and texts.

Those things are writing, too. Aren’t they?

And last night I worked on a rough draft of a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and a new mission statement for my jewelry business. I never wrote a USP when I started making jewelry. In fact, I didn’t even know what a USP was until yesterday. It’s supposed to make a difference between the survival and failure of a business. Hmmm. Is that what’s missing?

So, I’m writing one of those.

In summary, I’m always writing. Often I’m writing creatively. But I’m not currently working on a novel. I’m not writing a short story, magazine article, or a children’s book. That’s the kind of writing that I call “real writing”. I really want to do more real writing.

I’ll put that on today’s To-do List.


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