How to Be Inspired

I’m always searching for inspiration. I need to be inspired to do anything creative, or even no so creative, such as the cleaning I should be doing right now but wasn’t inspired to do, yet.

So if you, too, are looking for inspiration, choose one or more of these activities to do for a set period of time. They are in random order according to how I thought of them. I thought of a few more after writing 39, but I think 39 is enough, for now.

To get maximum benefit, do the activity for at least 10 minutes. Let your mind wander. Do not take notes.

Believe me, when you are sitting quietly somewhere, ten minutes will seem like an eternity.

  1. Walk 5 miles (more or less).
  2. Run as far as you can and still make the return trip.
  3. Ride a bike for 30 minutes (again, more or less).
  4. Swim in a pool… a quiet pool… no kids.
  5. Sit quietly in your backyard and watch the birds, squirrels, bees, and so on.
  6. If you don’t have a backyard go to a park.
  7. Go to the beach at sunrise. Walk.
  8. Go to the beach at 5:00 PM in the summer. Sit looking at the water.
  9. Walk on the beach after a storm looking for shells, sea glass, and interesting debris.
  10. Take a bath.
  11. Take a shower.
  12. Meditate.
  13. Take a yoga class.
  14. Listen to yourself breathe.
  15. Hum. Don’t sing words. Just hum.
  16. Draw something or doodle enough to fill up one side of a page.
  17. Go to a bookstore and walk slowly up and down EVERY aisle. Do NOT buy anything.
  18. Go to a store that sells newspapers and magazines. Read all of the covers. You might want to buy something here… like a pack of gum or lottery ticket.
  19. Visit a zoo (Eavesdrop on a second grade class – without looking like a stalker).
  20. Visit a museum (Doesn’t matter what kind, art, science, etc. – the weirder the better).
  21. Walk around your house INSIDE taking digital photos of everything… close up.
  22. Walk around your house OUTSIDE taking digital photos of everything… close up.
  23. Clean out a closet.
  24. Sit in a quiet room sipping a cup of tea.
  25. If you have a front-loading washer, do a load of laundry and watch the entire cycle through the door/window.
  26. Watch water boil.
  27. Watch an ice cube melt.
  28. Go to a furniture store and take digital photos of everything you like.
  29. Fold a piece of paper and cut it into a snowflake.
  30. Fold a piece of paper and cut it into hearts.
  31. Crochet a scarf.
  32. Knit a hat.
  33. Embroider your name (or your kid’s name) on something.
  34. Paint a picture or two using your kid’s watercolors (you could also buy a set at a dollar store).
  35. Color a picture in a coloring book.
  36. Buy a kaleidoscope and look at the shapes and colors as you turn it. Watch for duplicates.
  37. Rearrange the furniture in one room of your house.
  38. Write a set of directions for something you like to do.
  39. Write a list on how to be inspired. (This was fun!)

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