Surviving November and NaNoWriMo

It’s national novel writing month. These are a few of my survival strategies.


I know that drinking too much coffee is supposed to be bad. But it’s a necessary evil. So I’m trying to counteract it with a glass of water after every cup of coffee. Of course then I’m spending more time in the bathroom, but it gets me up and moving when my butt starts getting numb or sore.


Eat to keep up your strength but watch what you eat. It’s way too easy to eat bag after bag of potato chips while writing. Again… bad for you. And you’ll drop crumbs in the keyboard and your greasy fingers will slip off the keys for more typos – and that’s just plain gross. Besides, the fat and salt are not so healthy. So don’t eat potato chips.

Ideally I should take food breaks away from the computer. The problem with my food breaks is that I get distracted and it takes way too long for me to get back to my writing. A twenty-minute break can turn into a couple of hours. Maybe I should prepare carrots and celery sticks for myself and bring them into the “bat cave” (my office) with me. Sans drippy dips. Yes. I’ll do that tomorrow. I promise.


Definitely. If I get stuck and can’t come up with my next scene, I will sometimes take a walk or go to the gym. Exercise increases blood flow and feeds more oxygen to the brain. That’s good for you. I especially like yoga. It helps to clear my mind. Once the cobwebs are gone, I can usually write again.


Great idea if you can limit your intake. But I can’t so I’m better off without it. (However, the secret stash under my desk comes in handy sometimes.)


Maybe. Just a little. After 5:00 PM. Especially good for writers’ block. Not so good for grammar, punctuation, sentence sense, or plot. Plan to spend extra time rewriting anything that you wrote under the influence of a couple of glasses of wine.

If you are participating in NaNoWriMo, good luck and keep writing!





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