The Significance of Colors: Awareness and Support

The clothing and jewelry colors we chose to wear can be significant for many reasons.

They can scream, “Look at me!” They can say, “I’m in charge.” They can mutter, “Leave me alone.” 

They can tell others that you are fashion conscious, bold, casual, or low-key.

Or they can show awareness of a cause or support for those who are suffering from a type of malady, such as cancer.

“Awareness Colors” are usually worn during a month designated as an “Awareness Month” or may be worn at other times of the year depending on your emotional proximity to the cause.

We all know that pink is the awareness color for breast cancer, but when my youngest sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and I decided to design  Awareness Bracelets to support her, I found out that pink was also viewed as an awareness color for birth parents and clef palate. Purple is known as the Pancreatic Cancer Awareness color, but it is also the color for Alzheimer’s and fibromyalgia as well as a list of over 20 different causes.

In case you are curious, here’s a list of some of the awareness colors and the cancers that they represent.

PinkBreast Cancer Awareness

Purple Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

White – Lung Cancer Awareness

Blue Colon Cancer Awareness

Light BlueProstate Cancer Awareness

OrangeLeukemia Awareness

GrayBrain Cancer Awareness

Emerald GreenLiver Cancer Awareness

Kelly GreenKidney Cancer Awareness

Teal Ovarian Cancer Awareness

And, unfortunately, there are many more. To learn about the other causes represented by colors, search for “Awareness color ribbons” or click on the links below.

Choose Hope: Cancer Awareness Months

Colors of Cancer Awareness

List of Awareness Ribbons on Wikipedia


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