Is She a Customer or a Character?

Building a business is hard work, even a small business like Jularee Handcrafted Jewelry.

Small home businesses like mine are often not as successful as we, the business owners, would like them to be. Many of us begin with high hopes and a product that we and our friends all love. Friends and family give encouragement, “You should sell your stuff. It’s gorgeous!”

But once you’re out there trying to sell your stuff, you need more than friends and family.

You need strangers.

Lots of them.

Living, breathing people who like your products enough to fork over hard cash to acquire one of your items. They are frequently referred to as “customers” or “clients”.

My goal is to take Jularee to a level where she can pay for herself and have a little money left over for me. I’m reading and researching and asking other small business owners for tips and suggestions. I bought several books and borrowed from the library. I’ve signed up for so many newsletters, videos, and blogs on how to run a handcrafted jewelry business that if  I read them all I would never have time to actually make jewelry.

There is one piece of advice that appears in almost every article and book that I’ve read. They all tell you to find out who your customer is. The trouble is, I don’t know who my customer is and until I find out, my business is apparently doomed to fail.

So, how will I find out who my “ideal customer” is? What exactly should I do?

If I describe her demographics, then what?

I recently read a suggestion that I could relate to… I was told to write a story for her. “Aha.”

That was my “Aha” moment. I’m also a writer. For real. I write stories. I can write a story for my ideal customer. Maybe I can even turn it into my first novel.

And when it’s finished, I can begin designing jewelry especially for my main character… I mean… my ideal customer. Hopefully there are lots of women out there who are just like her who will love my stuff. Otherwise, I could be out of business.

For guidance read, read, and read.


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