Selling Off-Line: Consignment

Last year, fate sent me a consignment opportunity. I wasn’t looking for it. In fact, I hadn’t considered consignment at all. However, it has turned out to be a very good thing. (Thank you, Fate.) Here’s how it happened.

My friend, Leann, and I attended a workshop at a new wellness center in Medford.  After the  session, we wandered into the gift shop. While chatting with a few of the workshop attendees, Leann mentioned that I make gemstone jewelry. (Thank you, Leann.)

Two of the women seemed to be very interested and asked a few questions. It turned out that, unbeknownst to us, we were talking to Susan and Maryann, the owners of the center. I don’t remember their exact words, but it went something like this.

“You  make gemstone jewelry? And you’re local? Why don’t we know about you?”

Susan and Maryann asked me to bring in some of my jewelry for them to see. They told me that they like to feature local artists in their gift shop.

It took some time for me to get it together enough to return to NJ Balance Wellness Center with my jewelry. I guess I was nervous about it. Or maybe it was because it takes me forever to do anything. (Hello, I’m Rita and I’m a procrastinator.)

I finally met with them and I explained my process and focus. They looked, listened, and tried on a few pieces. Then Susan and Maryann said wanted to sell my jewelry in their gift shop.

I was excited but I remained calm. I didn’t scream, dance, say, “Yay!” or anything like that. Well, maybe in my head I was doing all of those things. After limited sales on Etsy, it was nice that someone liked my stuff.

Again, it took me awhile to get the items tagged, listed, and into the wellness center’s gift shop because I am the ultimate procrastinator (trying to fix that this year, but that’s another post). I found out that they had only opened their gift shop about a month prior to the workshop that I had attended. So here I was… getting in on the “ground floor” so to speak. Nice.

In June I spent a couple of hours on weekend in the center’s gift shop for a “meet the artist” event. Only about ten people walked into the gift shop that weekend, but I sold three pieces. It was wonderful!

Since that time the gift shop has grown…more shoppers, more items, and increased sales. Regarding Jularee, I am in the process of changing my logo and attaching new hangtags to the bracelets and necklaces. The tags will list a few of the metaphysical properties of the gemstones.

Several pair of my angel earrings sold before the holidays along with other pieces. “Yay!”

Angel Earrings

Angel Earrings

I researched consignment and read the horror stories. Thank goodness it has not been my experience. Consignment with the wellness center has been both positive and profitable  for me. I think it has been good for them, too.

Tomorrow, unless the pending snowstorm prevents it,  I intend to take new pieces to the center.

I hope Susan and Maryann like them.

Rose Quartz earrings

Rose Quartz Earwire Drops


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