Open Your Heart Chakra

On Valentine’s Day I gave several suggestions for balancing your Heart Chakra. This fourth Chakra energy vortex is associated with the chest, shoulders and upper back regions of the body. If you are feeling unloved or depressed, your Heart Chakra could be closed. Color, gemstone, and aromatherapies are a few additional ways to unblock and activate this chakra.

Color Therapy

Use the colors green and pink to stimulate your Heart Chakra. This can be as easy as a walk through a natural area such as a park, garden, or on a wooded trail when it can surround you with green in the warmer weather. Spend some time with your green leafy houseplants. Caring for them can be therapeutic in many ways. Wear green clothing or focus on a green wall, fabric, or painting while meditating.

Gemstone Therapy

Gemstones are believed to vibrate with powerful energies. Rose quartz, a lovely pale shade of pink, is my usual choice for the Heart Chakra. You could also choose green gemstones such as emerald, malachite, peridot, or green shades of adventurine, jasper, and tourmaline. Wear these gemstones as jewelry that touches the skin in the form of a necklace or bracelet. Hold loose crystals in the palm of your hand during a meditation and tuck a gemstone under your pillow when you sleep.

Be sure to cleanse your gemstones when they are new to you and often thereafter. One way is to place them in the light of the full or waning moon overnight. You could put your stones in a cup of dry rice for several hours or simply run them under cool tap water to wash off the negative energies and the energy from anyone who has touched the stone in its journey to you.


Essential oils can enhance your Heart Chakra therapy. Add a drop of rose or lavender oil to a diffuser or into candle wax to scent the room. Rub a drop onto your chest or, for a weaker mixture, add a drop into a small amount of jojoba or almond oil before rubbing onto your skin. Purchase quality essential oils at your favorite natural health store or from an online vendor that your trust.

Take care of your Heart Chakra to enhance your positive loving emotions. Keep it in balance to improve your relationships and feel more compassion and joy. Isn’t that something we all want for ourselves and for our significant others?


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