Grandmother-to-be Baby Showers? Really?

I’m not a grandmother, yet. My guess is that’s why I hadn’t heard about the trend of throwing a shower for expectant grandmothers until recently. Apparently, grandmother-to-be baby showers are all the rage.

Who knew? Not me.

When I first found out about grandmother showers, I thought it was a joke. Nobody really does this, do they? I have friends who are grandmothers and none of them had a shower.

So just what are grandmother-to-be baby showers? Here are answers I found to a few of my questions.

Who gives a baby shower to an expectant grandmother?

The grandmother’s friends or co-workers do the honors.

Where are grandmother showers held and what refreshments are served?

This type of party can range from a simple tea and cookies or wine and cheese at a friend’s house to a catered event at a restaurant.

Are the guests supposed to bring gifts?

Yes, of course.

What kinds of gifts?

Grandmotherly gifts. Photo albums, frames, magazines and books about grandparenting would be perfect. Or how about grandmother jewelry such as charm bracelets with space for add-on charms (for future grandchildren). Other gifts could include baby items for the grandmother to use with the child: car seat, playpen, diapers, baby toys and children’s books.

Should the mother-to-be attend the grandmother’s shower?

Not necessarily. The guest-of-honor at this party is the grandmother. The other guests attending the shower are her peers: friends, co-workers, and possibly her sisters. If the mother-to-be wants to stop by for a few minutes to introduce herself, I’m sure she would be welcomed.

Can you think of other questions? The concept of celebrating future grandmotherhood with a baby shower might seem odd to some of you as it did to me, but after I thought about it, I decided that it sounds like a perfect excuse for a party!

Tell me about your experiences with a grandmother baby shower in the comments below. I can’t wait to find out more.



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