Behind the Scenes: In Jularee’s Studio

Minimalist designs are usually small with clean lines. An example is this lime green peridot bar necklace that I made today.

It’s not complicated to make but if you don’t have much experience with the wrapping it will take a bit of practice to get the wraps just right.


Here it is from start to finish.

Chips on wire

Peridot chips on the wire bar


Chain added to the bar

Chain added to the bar


clasp and ending

Lobster clasp and finale.


Peridot chip bar necklace

Completed peridot gemstone necklace.


A minimalist style with a pop of a summery lime green, this necklace will look great with a summer tee or sundress.

Peridot soothes the emotions, activates the Heart Chakra, and projects joyful energy. It is the birthstone for August and Leo.


Do you think this would make a nice Mother’s Day gift?

What changes would you make?

Available at Jularee Handcrafted Jewelry on Etsy.

Free shipping on $100 or more until May 1, 2014.

Coupon code FORMOM.


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