Sunday Dinner: Wine with Dinner


I really love a nice glass of red wine with dinner.

Or with chocolate.

Or popcorn.

Or a good movie.

Or… you get the picture.

This morning I found these gorgeous handmade wine glasses on Etsy.

wine glasses

Pottery by Daina

As I tried to rationalize the expense of adding them to our more-than-enough-for-a-large-party collection of wine glasses, I started to reminisce about the history of my personal taste in wines.


My very first taste of wine was a Manischewitz wine that my father would buy for Easter or other holiday dinners. I was a young teenager. Yuck! Blah! Phooey! It tasted like vinegar to me. I disliked it so much that I swore off wine for my lifetime. I had the mistaken impression that all wines tasted pretty much the same.

Manischewitz wine

My dad’s choice of wine in the 1960s.


Come to find out, several years later when I was in college, that all wines weren’t created equal. This new revelation came when someone offered me a glass of Yago Santgria. Yum!

Yago Sant'gria

Fruity Yago Santgria.


Over time my taste in wine changed. I moved into white wines. At a bar or at dinner I would order chablis or a white wine spritzer. They were sweet, fruity, and tasty.

Then I met my husband.

He brought a bottle of a Bolla Valpolicella, a dry red wine, to our first date. In a wonderfully romantic BYOB Italian restaurant he poured it into both of our glasses. We clinked. I took a tentative sip.

OMG. It was awful. I could feel my mouth puckering. Remember, I liked sweet white wines at the time. I didn’t know it was a good wine. I only knew that it was not white and it was NOT sweet.

But I drank it. Even though I didn’t like it, I drank it and said it was good. What else was I going to do? I liked him and didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Bolla red wine

Bolla Valpolicella

Then, first time I cooked dinner for him at my apartment, I took a bottle of Riunite Bianco out of the refrigerator.

My cover was blown.

Riunite Bianco

Riunite Bianco

1990 – 2014

I have learned a lot about wines since then. I gradually moved into red wines. When I finally started liking Merlot, my husband knew he had converted me.

My current favorite wines are Australian shiraz (aka syrah), but I also like cabernet sauvignon, and pinot noir. I’m a fan of Lindemans, Hardy’s, Jacob’s Creek, and Rosemount. My favorite American cabernet is Oak Grove from California.

My favorite wines

My 2014 Favorites

My dad’s taste in wine has also changed. When he and my mom come for dinner, he and I enjoy a bottle of cabernet.


Some of the best wines I’ve had are reasonably priced at under $15. Although nothing beats an expensive bottle of wine. My older son bought me a bottle of Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz for Mother’s Day a few years ago. It wasn’t outlandishly priced, but I think it’s in the $50-60 range. All things being relative, that’s expensive for me.

My husband and I enjoyed it immensely during our most recent anniversary dinner date.

Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz

Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz


I know there are many other wonderful wines out there. What is your favorite? Any suggestions for a wine I should try?

And about those wine glasses… should I buy them?





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