Is it Lapis or Lapiz?



Lapis lazuli is one of my favorite gemstones. I love blue and a high quality lapis lazuli will contain gorgeous shades of deep, rich blues. As in the photo above, the lapis gemstones are often flecked with calcite, sodalite, and pyrite.

High quality lapis can be pricey. If you are shopping for stones or beads, you’ll usually find a wide selection of A- to D grade lapis lazuli stones at reasonable prices online from Fire Mountain Gems or ArtBeads or, if you have a business license, you could also search for wholesale vendors.

For the best quality, look for the A (or AA, AAA) graded gemstones. They will be the most expensive but upon close examination, you’ll understand why.

What’s the real difference between an A grade and a D grade? Remember back to elementary school and you’ll get the picture. Or read more about it here. 

I prefer to shop for my lapis lazuli gemstones in person as much as possible. Attending gems and bead shows or visiting rock shops is a must if you want to see, touch, and ask specific questions about the quality of the stones you are about to buy. Although when I shop in person, I invariably fall in love with the most expensive gemstones on the table.

Maybe next time I should take cash and leave my credit card at home.

As for the metaphysical properties of lapis lazuli, it’s energy is believed to enhance intuitive perception and psychic abilities. It opens the Third Eye chakra (Brow chakra). Lapis is also balances the Throat chakra, so wearing it as a necklace can help with truthfulness and communication. Learn more about chakras here.




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