Decisions, Decisions

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.” ~Theodore Roosevelt 
Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt

I agree with Theodore Roosevelt that “nothing” is the worst thing you can do when a decision is needed. So, I’m finally working on making decisions. They might not be the absolute correct decisions, but they are decisions, and I’ll learn from my mistakes.

My Websites

For several years I did nothing with my websites. Yes, websites… plural. I have two websites and three domains. is the website for my jewelry business. I last updated the site in January – and that was a poor excuse for an update. and both link to my more personal, writing website that I have not updated since July 2012 following my retirement from teaching. How sad is that? This week I finally started to make a few decisions about my websites.

Decision #1:

I transferred my domain to GatorHost and I purchased a hosting plan. I was nervous about it, so I only committed to six months. But so far so good. Support has been pleasant and quick. Everything is working after a few minor bumps.

Decision #2: Dreamweaver vs. WordPress needed a major overhaul. The question was: Dreamweaver or WordPress? Since the last time I worked with Dreamweaver it was in version 1 (one), and my current version is CS6, I thought the learning curve might be a bit time consuming. So, I decided to use WordPress to recreate the site. is under construction

Decision #3: WordPress Theme and Pages

I chose a tentative theme for the “under construction” type of messages (see above). The pages are Jularee, Shop, Blog, About, and Contact. I included links to my Etsy shops and a contact email address.

Decision #4: Learn How to Use WordPress and Choose a Possibly Permanent Theme

My goal: By the end of today I will have watched/ listened to at least three instructional videos about creating a website using WordPress. My next decisions will be to choose a “possibly permanent” WordPress theme and a color scheme. I’m hoping the videos will lead me in the right direction.

Decision #5: What to do with

Regarding my more personal, writing website: I left the domains registered with GoDaddy for a year. I’ll update the current pages a bit, and prepare to move it to my HostGator hosting plan within the next few months.

The July 2012 “update” to website. and will be linked to but will have a different, more personal twist… a biography, a photo gallery, and Sunday Dinner (currently part of this blog). I will add a list of my publishing credits, information about writers’ organizations, conferences, and references, as well as names of the books I’m reading. Bits and pieces of my writing, personal life, and travel will be thrown once in awhile. Past that, I don’t know, yet.

I’m Looking for Training Videos

If you know of any training videos about creating a WordPress website or with tips for designing websites, will you please share them?

On to more decision making! ~Rita


Change is good

Change is good. It’s scary, but it’s good.

This week I finally made a decision to transfer my jewelry website from GoDaddy to HostGator. I was nervous about making this change but it had to be done. I wasn’t doing anything with my GoDaddy site other than paying for my domains and using the free web builder to make a static site that I didn’t want anyone to see.

So far, I opened (and paid for) a “baby” web hosting account with HostGator. I requested a free transfer of my domain,, to HostGator as well. Hopefully, that will happen quickly and without a snag.

Now to design my new site. To start my requirements are minimal.

  • A professional, attractive home page with links to my Etsy shops.
  • Links to social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Sign up for newsletter
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Blog

Additional requirements for the future:

  • Store (eCommerce)
  • links to my writing site (sorely neglected – last post was in 2012!)
  • Informational pages such as jewelry care, gemstone properties, etc.
  • Informational videos (DIY?)

Should I use Dreamweaver CS6 or WordPress to design this new site? I’m leaning toward WordPress.