Check Out My New Blogs


I’ve moved my blog!

Not only that, it’s now two blogs!
twin day clipart
No, not twins. More like siblings. 

Find my jewelry blog at

Find my creative blog  at


Which one should you follow? 


The blog at is where…

… I write about gemstones and jewelry. At “Jularee’s Blog” you will find fashion news, holiday gift ideas, and tips for choosing and caring for handmade jewelry. Recent articles include DIY Valentine gift ideas, cleaning tarnished sterling silver, and cleansing gemstones. I write about chakras, birthstones, gemstone properties, my workbench, and my new designs. Future plans for contests and sales are in the works!


At you’ll find…

… a more personal approach. “Life in General… A creative procrastinator spills the beans” covers many topics. You’ll read about writing and reading, food and cooking, gardening and my chickens, traveling and outdoors, crafts and hobbies, personal observations, and whatever seems important at the time.


Which one is for you? Maybe both!


Click to find out more.


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Thanks for reading!

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